I'm from Bakersfield, Ca born and raised. I'm a single mother of 5 amazing children. When I turned 22 years old, I purchased my first home Tulare, Ca, where I live. I never thought of owning my first home at that age, but I got it accomplished. I know I can help others reach their goal in investing in real estate and becoming homeowners as I did.

      I love to travel, southern cooking, deep-sea fishing, remodeling homes, arts and crafts with kids, and interior design. The one I take the most pride in is being a mother; there's no greater gift that I could have ask for. I always have a house full of kids I love the activity it helps me to be especially organized and gain the on-the - spot ability to solve my clients obstacles. The kids and I are beachgoers and that is where we spend out downtime especially in Pismo. We love the clam chowder at "Splash Café."

     My Career started in the sales industry about 12 years; knowing I love independence and property so much, I decided to join real estate. Which is the best decision I made when it come to pursuing my career. I love creating a plan for my customers to reach their goals and I won't stop until it's accomplished. My close friends and family tease me that I overwork in my business but its such a pleasure for me because I truly enjoy it. If you're look to become a homeowner or if your ready to sell a house that no home anymore, please feel free to contact me anytime, and I'll be there to listen and assist you every step of the way.



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